As someone who has spent years studying all aspects of fashion, as a consumer and professional reseller, I have sifted through hoards of information. Here, my goal is to share with you the sources I've found to be the most valuable. It's my hope that as you peruse these sources, you will find tips to help you build a wardrobe you love and leave behind what doesn't work for you. Our differences are what make us beautiful; there is no one-size-fits-all anything, what works for one person may not work for you, and the only one you have to please is yourself.

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Image I.D. Types

Gabrielle has since clarified that Kibbe's work Metamorphosis was never intended to be a body typing system, instead as an "Image Identity" guide. Still, the following posts are helpful beyond the traditional "fruit" system that so many of us have been taught.

An Introduction to the Kibbe Body Types -- Gabrielle Arruda

The Kibbe Body Type Test with Pictures -- Gabrielle Arruda

Kibbe Weight Gain Patterns + Plus Size Examples -- Gabrielle Arruda

Seasonal Color Analysis

This seems to get overly complicated and the terminology changes depending on who you ask. I find it best to simply see for yourself: are you bright or muted and are you warm or cool? In the following video, she doesn't recommend taking photos of yourself in each color, but I do. As for what to do with this information, to create a harmonious look, wear the "season" that matches your coloring, if you look best in the cool and muted gray, then wear cool and muted colors. If you want to wear other colors, of course you can, especially if you're going for a popped color or edgy look, but you'll know to look in the other end of the spectrum from your own coloring.

Find Your Color Season (four season) -- Merriam Style

Personal Style

What the following videos do is show that even despite your body type or color season, we all have our own style "identities". Figuring out what it is you want to present to the world can help narrow down choices when you're shopping. If you're going for a sensual yet timeless feel to your look, you may not feel your best in  frilly clothing or overly playful prints, regardless if those are "supposed" to be what looks best on you. Tying all these pieces together is what gives you your unique style.

Style Roots Quiz + body types -- Ellie-Jean Royden

Style Roots Part 2 -- Ellie-Jean Royden

Decluttering/Purging Your Closet

For me, keeping my wardrobe pared down to the items I love and want to wear is essential. Marie Kondo's simple question, "Does this spark joy?" is the easiest way to figure out what you should keep and what needs to go. We tend to overthink these things but it's my firm belief that if you let go of what no longer serves you, good things (and good clothes!) will come to you. With that said, what exactly do you do with the things you no longer want to keep?

First, always try to keep something in rotation if you can by giving it a proper cleaning or repair (don't forget about professional cleaners/tailors/cobblers). Even downgrading an item to loungewear or gardening clothes is better than discarding it. Find ways to repurpose items beyond re-use, such as making rags, pillowcases, tote bags, or pet bed covers.

Don't feel guilty if you can't find a use for everything; storing an old t-shirt in your closet for thirty years isn't doing anyone any favors (including Mother Nature). We're working on making less impulse choices when we shop and finding things we'll actually wear! 

So, for the items you do want to get rid of, where should they go? Here are a few ideas:

  •  host a Swap Party with friends and family, everyone brings things they no longer want and take home what they do!
  • have a yard sale (here's some great tips on what to expect if you want to try it!)
  • donate to a local church, shelter, or free clothes closet
  • donate to a thrift store (many are non-profits and support local charities)
  • donate specific items to charities (such as: bras, glasses, formal wear, suits, coats, shoes)
  • sell to a local or online consignment store
  • sell items yourself online through apps like eBay, Poshmark, Depop, or Mercari 
  • return items to store for trade-in (such as: Levi's, The North Face, lululemon)
  • recycle your items at a textile recycling center

Caring For Your Clothes

  • A quick and easy tip to get more out of your clothes is to simply wash them less! When you do wash, use cold water and an appropriate detergent for your items.
  • Check the care labels on your clothes to make sure you're drying them properly and on the right heat setting.
  • When you only need to refresh an item, a garment steamer is a great option for getting out wrinkles and odors.  
  • This stain removal chart covers just about every stain you might run into (or runs into you) for washable clothing items. 
  • Professional dry cleaning might seem like a hassle but is totally worth it for those delicate fabrics, although at-home kits can buy you some extra time between cleanings. 
  • A good cobbler and tailor can be game changing for your wardrobe but some simple repairs can be done at home with just a needle and thread. 
  • Space-saving hangers really make a difference, but make sure you're not hanging sweaters or tops that can easily stretch out.

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