Rewearing is Caring

After years of buying and selling on eBay personally, I started River Rose Resale in 2018. Not long after, I opened my closet on Poshmark and have been on both marketplaces ever since. While I have sold a menagerie of items, from books to kitchenware, clothing is where my passion is. 

As a teenager, I pored over fashion magazines like it was my job. I would study trends and then cut outfits out as inspiration. My catalogs were cut to shreds and my Fashion Journal (a composition notebook) was stuffed with collages of denim, dresses, and the prettiest shoes. Having the budget of a teenager meant getting crafty with how I created my own outfits and thus began my love of secondhand shopping. 

As I became a young adult and then a mother, shopping secondhand was no longer just about saving money, but also about saving the environment. As the world around us has changed, manufacturing of clothing has changed. Sometimes for the better, but sometimes for much worse. It may seem like a simple act, rewearing clothes, but it can make a profound impact. Rewearing is caring.

Despite a changing world, and an ever-changing life, I still love fashion. I love the craftsmanship and design that goes into a piece. I love practical features like pockets and bra-strap keepers. I love the sheer beauty of a material or finished design. This love combined with my experience scouring clothing racks has helped me become the reseller that I am. 

My goal is to help you feel the of joy getting a piece of clothing home that you love, is affordable, and prevented more waste. I hand-select every item I sell and take pride in making sure you have a joyful shopping experience. 

Thank you for supporting my small business.

xx, Nicole


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